Apple loses bid to keep information sealed in Psystar case

In its ongoing suit against unauthorized Mac clone maker Psystar, Apple has been denied in its bid to keep certain information about OS X sealed from public view. According to Bloomberg, Judge William Alsup noted that information Apple claims are "trade secrets" are already publicly available on the internet from a variety of sources.

Apple attempted to claim that although this information about OS X was already publicly available, since the company itself hadn't confirmed its veracity the information still qualified for trade secret protection. Judge Alsup disagreed, saying, "Apple cannot have this court seal information merely to avoid confirmation that the publicly available sources got it right."

Apple is suing Psystar for copyright infringement over Psystar producing and selling unauthorized clones of the Mac running Apple's proprietary Mac OS X software. Apple successfully obtained a sales injunction against Psystar years ago, and that injunction was recently upheld in court -- a somewhat moot point, as the company hasn't produced any hardware since 2009.