Silk ported from Kindle Fire to rooted Android devices, other web browsers now jealous

Give it time and eventually someone will port your favorite browser to everything, even your toaster, if you're lucky. A group of developers on the XDA-forums has begun sharing how to port the Silk web browser found on the Amazon Kindle Fire to various Android devices. To accomplish this, you'll need a rooted Android device, whereupon you can download a package file and install it to the /system/lib directory with permissions set to the same as the other files in that folder. Users can choose to install any of the .apks that they want to side load, but will need to ensure that they also move the Silk apk from /data/app to /system/app. After a reboot, the Silk browser should be good to go, complete with access to Amazon's cloud-based services through your favorite device. That's just our quaint little summary, though: for the full instructions, you'll most definitely want to hit up the source link.