RIM reportedly scraps the Colt and Milan, leaving London as sole BlackBerry 10 device?

And then there was... one? BGR is reporting that the folks at Research in Motion have not only scrapped plans for the BlackBerry Colt, originally expected to be the first BlackBerry 10 superphone out of the gate, but the rumored Milan as well (which was also reported by N4BB). If true, this would leave the BlackBerry London as the one and only QNX-based device in the works, suggesting RIM is taking a huge gamble by putting all of its eggs in one basket when it launches the new OS later this year. Additionally, the site reports that the London will have a slightly different design from the prototype leaked a couple months ago, and that the Milan wasn't actually a BlackBerry 10 device at all, but instead was supposed to run OS 7. Remember this is all according to "people familiar with the matter," which means the rumor is completely unconfirmed at this time.