Kogeto's iCONIC for Android brings panoramic video to the masses

The last time we saw a Kogeto panoramic camera attachment, it was but a Kickstarter project looking for funding. Since then, the Kogeto Dot for iPhone has become such a success that it now graces Apple store shelves nationwide. Not content with only an iOS slice of the mobile pie, the company has, naturally, created an Android version to be officially unveiled at CES next week. Dubbed iCONIC for Android -- after the iCONIC lens technology that makes taking 360-degree videos possible -- the attachment will initially be made for the Galaxy Nexus, with more phones to follow. However, the device will only be made for phones that can record in 1080p, so the iPhone 4 will be the final handset capturing panoramic movies in 720p. Of course, the company has also ported the free companion Looker app to Android to dewarp the raw images into viewable video. Pre-orders for iCONIC for Android start in late January on the company website, and you can grab one for $79.

We got to speak with Kogeto CEO Jeff Glasse about iCONIC for Android, and he indicated that the company's plans for it (like the attachment itself) differ from the Kogeto Dot. While Kogeto is currently making one version of the device, Glasse told us the company doesn't plan to build an attachment for every eligible Android phone. Instead, the idea is to license the technology to OEMs and let them manufacture iCONIC for the myriad handsets. This is all very good news for moviemaking Android users, but fear not, Kogeto hasn't forgotten you Apple folks. Glasse informed us that a new version of the iOS app is coming soon that'll let users start and stop recording with the volume buttons on their iPhones. We're hoping to give you all a glimpse of iCONIC for Android next week at CES, so stay tuned.