Nokia acquires mobile OS outfit Smarterphone: because clearly, Windows Phone just isn't enough

Nah, neither MeeGo nor Symbian were robust enough to keep Nokia interested, but for whatever reason, a Norwegian mobile OS outfit by the name of Smarterphone has something that Elop and co. just can't resist. As the story goes, Ferd Capital has sold Smarterphone AS to Espoo's finest, and actually, the deal went down (all too quietly) back in November of last year. The company claims that it makes ultra-smart mobile operating system software for featurephones, enabling users to get a smartphone-like experience on "affordable hardware." Of course, we've all seen how well thatkind of thing goes over in mature markets. Granted, Nokia's playing its hand in a great many locales, and there's certainly the possibility that this OS will gain traction in markets that were previously ruled by Symbian. Moreover, there's the possibility that Nokia simply wanted the talent that came with the company, and that it'll scrap the actual code as soon as it gets the new crew onboard. Neither company's coming right out and saying what their plans are, and no financial details have been disclosed, but something tells us you won't see the fruits of Smarterphone's labor on a Lumia device anytime soon.