Sony Ericsson's Nozomi gets handled, something awfully similar gets an official tease

Hello, New York! Oh, and a Sony Ericsson handset, too. SE may be on its way out officially, but there's still a product or two in the pipeline worth pushing out. We've heard whispers of a so-called Arc HD and Nozomi for months on end, and while it's unclear which of the two (if it's either) is shown above, there's no question that this is something that'll see the market. One shot is currently posted over at Sony Ericsson's German Facebook page (shown after the break), where a teaser line promises that "the new Xperia" to be officially unveiled "next week." Next week, as you may have guessed, is CES, and coincidentally, the fine folks over at ITProPortal have wrapped their paws around an SE handset (above) that they're confident is the aforementioned Nozomi. Weirdly, the camera location on the phone they procured is different than the official SE shot above, leaving us to wonder if two new superphones are on tap. Whatever the case, you can bet we'll be bringing the dirt as soon as it's hauled in.

[Thanks, Shubham]