Say 'ta ta' to the Tata eMO: the $20,000 EV you'll never set eyes on

This story ends before it even starts, but it's nice to look at what could have been, should destiny -- or a corporate boardroom -- have taken a different course. Tata Motors, maker of the Nano EV, has been working on new concept -- the eMO -- that it already tells us, we'll never see. It claims the nifty looking car would do 100 imaginary miles per charge and a theoretical 65 mph top speed. It would cost a fictitious 20,000 dollars, thanks to lots of non-existent weight being saved through thrift design principles -- such as space saving suicide doors. There isn't even a hatch for the trunk to easily put away all that shopping you didn't buy. Back in the real world, however, we'll be seeing at least a little more of this fantastical EV as the firm enters it into the Michelin Challenge Design at next week's Detroit Auto Show.