Toshiba's 55-inch 4K glasses-free 3DTV ships in the US early this year, can we borrow $10k?

It's not a big surprise after launching in Germany and Japan, but Toshiba PR has confirmed to us and CNET that the company's 3,840x2,160 resolution autostereoscopic 3DTV will make its US debut in the first quarter of 2012, matching the "end of fiscal year" prediction we'd heard previously. There's no details on pricetag or model #, but given its $10,000~ sticker price overseas, we'd start shaking out those couch cushions now. The LCD maintains its QuadHD resolution when displaying 2D content, however switching into 3D mode drops the resolution to 720p. Other than removing the need for viewers to wear glasses to see the effect, it also uses face tracking to fine tune the experience for up to nine people. We'll have more info once it's officially unveiled in a few days, until then feel free to drool over the prototype it showed off last year.