Comcast Xfinity Skype webcam for cable boxes revealed by FCC (Update: Pics, pricing and details!)

About six months after we first heard Comcast would release a Skype webcam built for its cable boxes Wireless Goodness has uncovered the FCC filing for just such a unit. There's no pictures of the device itself, but scans from the manual and the diagram above give a good idea of the experience available, including the ability to have video as an overlay on top of TV content, or as a picture-in-picture. Video and audio calls are both possible, as well as instant messaging, and while the Xfinity-branded camera itself clips onto your flat-panel, a small adapter hooks into the set-top box. There's no word whether or not we'll see this accessory on display at CES, but the timing certainly lends itself to the possibility.

Update: Why settle for diagrams when you can get a better look? An anonymous tipster dropped us off a load of images showing off the new setup, currently codenamed "Astro". The camera itself (above) is pretty standard, while the adapter box packs in HDMI passthrough, an Ethernet port, front mounted SD slot and two USB jacks on the rear (we're told the storage options are currently disabled, but as seen in the diagrams could bring file sharing). The price of the camera itself is unknown, however "Basic service" currently rocks a $9.95 fee, while additional adapters are also $9.95. Check out the gallery for many more pictures including screenshots and pictures of the remote.