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Victorinox to launch 1TB USB / eSATA II flash drive with built-in LCD at CES

Well it looks like everyone's favorite pocketknife company is readying a 1TB combo USB 2.0/eSATA II flash drive for a CES launch next week -- yes, one TERABYTE. From the looks of it, the Victorinox drive will come in black and red finishes with two bodies -- one with a scissor and knife, and a TSA-friendly version without. Besides the optional implements, both drives appear to be virtually identical, with a key ring and plastic clasp to keep the drive safely covered when not in use. Once you've wrapped your head around that gigantic one-terabyte capacity, take a gander at the built-in monochrome LCD, which will be used to display drive contents and possibly a custom message. All we appear to be missing at this point are pricing and availability, and with an entire terabyte of storage, we can't imagine this thing will be cheap.