Here's a seven-minute Nikon D4 sample video: try not to drool

Corey Rich. Might not ring a bell off-hand, but it'll be someone you're insanely jealous of after you head past the break and mash play. Sir Rich was fortunate enough to get hands-on with a Nikon D4 during the company's launch efforts, and he put together an absolutely stunning seven-minute video montage showcasing exactly what the new beast is capable of. We're told that the captures were taken over a grueling 11 day period, with all of the action shots captured directly onto SanDisk Extreme Pro CF cards. The author has posted a reminder that the Vimeo clip is compressed using H.264 at 10,000kbps, and while some have spotted glitching in parts, he assures us the original media was devoid of the stuff. Enough talking -- get to watching.

[Thanks, Wynn]