Nintendo purportedly advising developers to not publish digital sales figures

Hoping to gloat about however many copies of [insert Nintendo title here] that you've sold? Think again. Richard Hill-Whittall, the owner and director of Icon Games Entertainment, recently passed a few sales numbers over to Gamasutra for publishing -- at the time, it hardly seemed like anything that'd raise a red flag. As it turns out, however, Nintendo reportedly pinged him and asked him to remove the numbers; according to Richard, the Big N doesn't actually condone the sharing of digital shares figures for any developer that's self-publishing WiiWare and downloadable DS titles. It's certainly a jarring stance to take, and it's probably not the wisest move in the grand scheme of things. As he points out, budding developers hoping to pick up funding will likely have quite the difficult time without having similar figures from fellow devs to share. Hard to say if the company will change its ways due to the backlash, but those interested in the full spiel should give that source link a visit.