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Samsung pushes SwipeIt media sharing app, AirPlay competitor to Smart TVs

According to a blog post by entrepreneur Amit Kumar, a new app called Samsung SwipeIt has started popping up on that company's smart TVs, and may be positioned as competition for Apple's AirPlay media sharing technology. Kumar mentions the app started rolling out to TVs at the beginning of the year, while the companion app for Android appeared on the Market around the same time (nothing on iTunes yet, despite a listing for an iOS app on Samsung's Korean site), promising easy sharing of photos and videos to Samsung's connected TVs. It's built by last year's Free The TV Apps competition winner MOVL and is based on that company's Connect platform, which as seen in the diagram after the break is all about pulling together media across screens and platforms.

So far, it seems like a (potentially) simpler-to-set-up version of the DLNA-based "Throw" feature Sony has already integrated into its Android tablets (and Samsung's own AllShare), but if the Connect platform can be integrated into other apps (and even other devices -- MOVL has also focused on technology for Google TV), SwipeIt could track AirPlay's trajectory more closely. Samsung didn't reveal much in its Smart TV teaser trailer a couple of weeks ago, but a planned panel focusing on convergence Tuesday hints at where the company's focus is.