iHealth's 2012 lineup revealed at CES

iHealth produce body monitoring devices that help you stay in tip-top condition and is building out a line of devices for this year that will arrive just as soon as it's gotten past the hurdle of FDA approval:

  • Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a wireless update to the (wired) Blood Pressure Dock, the armband pushing your vitals over Bluetooth to an app on the device of your choice.

  • Smart GlucoMeter connects to your iDevice's 30-pin port and once you've installed the free app, you'll be able to stick smears of blood onto cardboard paddles in order to see how many Mike'n'Ike's you've been snacking on.

  • Wireless Body Fat Scale will record your weight and measure your body fat to your device (and eternal shame once you've polished off all that candy).

There's no word on pricing, but for reference, last year's digital scale retailed for $70 and the Blood Press Dock for $100, so we'd expect the followups to linger around those same bands. All of these products will also connect (via their apps) to a new cloud service that the company's launching to aggregate all that data into a single spreadsheet for the next time you need to negotiate your fee with your HMO.

Dana Murph contributed to this report.