Intel shows off Nikiski prototype with sprawling touchscreen decking out the palm rest (video)

Is this not the craziest thing we've seen at this year's CES? Behold the Nikiski: an Intel prototype with a see-through touchpad that stretches across the entire palm rest. It's unclear who makes the laptop, but Intel was keen to gush about that sprawling touch panel. Mr. Eden demonstrated some effective palm rejection, so that if your hands brush the touchscreen while you're typing, you won't lose control of the cursor. If this seems senseless, given how spacious trackpads already are, know that this panel doubles as a secondary display that can show webpages and other content when the laptop is shut. It looks like Intel's got it on display here for the press to play with, so we'll be getting hands-on as soon as we can.

Update: We snagged a quick hands-on. Hit the gallery for a peek.

Update 2: Now with video!

Billy Steele contributed to this report.