Live from AT&T's 2012 Developer Summit keynote!

We're here at the Palms for the opening keynote at AT&T's annual Developer Summit. Last year's event brought us the Motorola Atrix 4G, HTC Inspire 4G and Samsung Infuse 4G, among plenty of other little nuggets. We're expecting to see another great showing, courtesy of AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega, CTO John Donovan and CMO David Christopher, so read along as we bring you the updates as it happens.

11:23AM And we're done! Now off to grab some hands-on time.

11:23AM "We have a great 2012 in store."

11:23AM Stephen's off the stage, and Ralph is wrapping up the keynote.

11:22AM "We'll have a few announcements for you [at the press conference this afternoon]."

11:22AM "It's our plan to enter the North American market in a big way."

11:21AM "Nokia Lumia has opened the Windows Phone gateway to the entire world."

11:21AM Elop's also discussing the hundreds of millions of downloads Nokia sees each month, and that he's looking forward to shifting that into the Windows Phone environment.

11:19AM The new Nokia Windows Phone will have AT&T LTE.

11:19AM Ah, he's teasing us now. The main announcement will come at the press conference later this afternoon.

11:18AM "Our head-turning designs are winning awards."

11:18AM "We made a bold decision in February to embrace Windows Phone. It represented an opportunity to present an alternative. We saw the opportunity to differentiate, and you've seen the first results in this war of ecosystems in October."

11:17AM Elop's discussing the "shift" in mobile devices. It's more about ecosystems now, with the services that complete the mobile experience.

11:16AM "The entire Nokia team is absolutely thrilled to be in the US."

11:16AM Stephen Elop's on stage!

11:16AM "We're working to re-introduce him to the American market. We have bet on this person. i think he's the right person for the job. "

11:16AM "Finally, we have one more guest. Steve and I know him pretty well."

11:15AM Time for the obligatory photo opp.

11:15AM "You know how Steve has been talking about 'blah blah blah?'"

11:14AM "Windows Phone is so good, so smooth. I've been using this all the time!"

11:13AM it's a 4.7-inch super LCD display, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S2 CPU.

11:13AM dual LED flash, BSI sensor for low-light, 720p HD video recording and 1.3MP front-facing cam.

11:12AM "The 8MP camera on the Titan is really good.... but the Titan 2 will give you 16MP!"

11:11AM "This will truly shine on AT&T's network."

11:11AM "It's the first AT&T LTE Windows Phone."

11:10AM HTC Titan 2!

11:10AM He's reminiscing about HTC's closeness with Microsoft throughout the years and all the way through the launch of Mango so far.

11:09AM "We've been working with Microsoft since before smartphones even existed."

11:08AM Peter Chou is now on stage!

11:08AM "The collaboration between AT&T, HTC and Microsoft is evident."

11:08AM Steve just got excited about Windows Phone with LTE, and brought Ralph back, who's talking up HTC.

11:06AM After passing $25,000, devs will get 80 percent for every dollar of revenue.

11:05AM Apps built on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8.

11:05AM 400 million PCs will be sold in the next twelve months alone, according to forecasts.

11:05AM "Windows 8 is our next major step forward. It will create unprecedented opportunity for developers."

11:04AM "You can see the family approach between Windows Phone and Windows 8 itself."

11:03AM "We'll reach new hardware and deliver new types of cloud-based services."

11:03AM "There's no better time to be a developer on Microsoft platforms right now."

11:03AM "I just want to pause and say thanks to devs who showed up to CES early!"

11:02AM He's excited about the enthusiasm in the Windows Phone dev community, and is talking up the fact that they just hit 50,000 apps.

11:00AM "With Windows Phone, we put people and the things most relevant to them first." He's referring to the Metro UI.

10:59AM They'll be available "really very soon."

10:59AM He's announcing the first LTE Windows Phone!

10:58AM He's talking LTE phones now.

10:58AM "AT&T's been a great partner and has worked with us strongly."

10:58AM Steve just blew our ears out in his first word.

10:57AM Ralph's welcoming Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer!

10:57AM Okay, Ralph is now going to talk about the new Windows Phones.

10:56AM Was anyone else secretly wishing there was a waterproof fail? That's probably mean.

10:56AM Ha, they just doused it with water.

10:56AM Now he's talking about the "unintended consequences in our life." The Element is designed to withstand those situations by making it waterproof.

10:54AM 8-inch XGA display and "enhanced haptic feedback."

10:54AM The Element "supports up to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload."

10:53AM The Element has a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU.

10:52AM He's going to talk about the Element and the Burst -- no huge shocker there, of course.

10:51AM S. Jay Yim, CMO of Pantech, is on the stage.

10:51AM Are there any Jetstream owners?

10:51AM "Customers will be able to get the Element and the Burst together for $250 when you sign a contract for both devices." Jealous, Jetstream owners?

10:50AM "But it gets better!"

10:50AM Also, the Samsung Exhilirate. Both the Burst and Exhilirate are going to be budget-friendly devices, under $50.

10:49AM And the Pantech Element as well -- waterproof, Honeycomb, 8-inch screen, HDMI..

10:49AM The Pantech Burst is being shown off in a commercial!

10:49AM Ralph: how do we deliver LTE to the masses? Offering unbelievable devices with great prices.

10:48AM Kevin's off, and Ralph is back on.

10:47AM "Now, we're excited to see what you can do. The SDK is available now."

10:46AM He's going over the specs: 1.5GHz dual-core, 5.3-inch HD SUper AMOLED, 8MP rear and 2MP front camera. Nothing we weren't expecting.

10:45AM Kevin: the Galaxy Note delivers the benefits of a phone, tablet, and notebook.

10:45AM Now we're going to hear from Kevin Packingham from Samsung Business.

10:44AM Coming in black and white!

10:44AM The Galaxy Note is in a "new smartphone category." we hope it's called Phablets.

10:43AM Ralph is bringing on Dr. WP Hong, head of Global Product Strategy for Samsung.

10:42AM And now: the Samsung Galaxy Note!

10:42AM "razer-thin, and you can actually remove the battery." another jab at Verizon.

10:42AM 4.65-inch HD SUper AMOLED display. 1.5GHz dual-core.

10:41AM Ralph just intro'd the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD. Say that five times fast.

10:41AM It'll be available in the second quarter.

10:41AM The ion has a 12MP camera and 4.6-inch display.

10:40AM First up: the Sony Xperia ion.

10:40AM He's starting off with Android: 6 new devices, all powered with LTE!

10:39AM Oh, and he totally just burned Verizon's network, by the way.

10:38AM Showing quotes from pubs discussing how fast AT&T's LTE is.

10:37AM Teasing us more by talking about the LTE network. Oh Ralph.

10:37AM "David and Jeff showed you all the tools you need to create amazing new apps, and Glenn just talked about amazing new devices to our lineup."

10:36AM We were almost expecting Ralph to announce that we were going to commercial break before opening the envelope.

10:36AM Action X-Ray is the winner!

10:36AM Ralph's going to tease us a bit more, talking about the fast pitch contest again. The winner will also get featured in an AT&T commercial -- that's definitely raising the stakes.

10:35AM Glenn's done, and has handed the stage over to Ralph.

10:34AM It looks like it's the same as the smartphone plans, with 2GB for $25 and 250MB for $15.

10:33AM The Vita will be available Feb 22nd, and there's two data plan options.

10:33AM Today, we're going to announce our data plan pricing. "

10:33AM Kuni's left the stage and Glenn's back.

10:32AM The commercial is showing the features of the Vita, and of course emphasizes its connectivity to AT&T's network.

10:31AM Time for a Vita commercial.

10:31AM "This will be launched with the biggest game lineup. 100 games in development right now, such as Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed."

10:30AM Kuni's showing pictures of long lines of people waiting for the PS Vita at its launch in Asia.

10:30AM We were wondering if all this talk about the Vita was going somewhere.

10:29AM Ah, here's the PS Vita!

10:29AM "Our next smartphone will be introduced.... later on, by Ralph de la Vega."

10:29AM Kuni's now talking about the acquisition of Ericsson, and is looking to expand Sony's presence into the US.

10:28AM Of course, Sony's looking to bring all of htese innovations into the smartphone as well. This is definitely building up to something.

10:28AM "Sony Tablet P embodies all of our innovations, folded into one."

10:28AM Sony's working on an SDK for the tablet as well.

10:27AM The Tablet will be PS Certified -- no shocker there.

10:27AM He's listing of the innovations in the Tablet P, such as cross-device connectivity, network entertainment, and swift performance.

10:26AM Kuni is showing off the Sony Tablet P!

10:25AM Kuni: the number of connected devices will continue to grow.

10:24AM He's welcoming Sony's deputy President, Kuni Suzuki.

10:24AM "Sony Vita is going to change the gaming industry. Period."

10:24AM Glenn's talking about the PS Vita. AT&T will provide the broadband connectivity for the Vita in February.

10:23AM the worldwide gaming industry was a $69 billion industry in 2011.

10:22AM 75 percent of all mobile downloads are games. Huge opportunity. But there's still a large gap between phone and home gaming console.

10:22AM Did anyone else think of Daft Punk just now?

10:21AM "Our vision: wirelessly connect devices, make them better, faster, smarter, more valuable to our customers."

10:21AM Glenn's ready to talk up gaming.

10:20AM While we wait for the vote, Glenn Lurie is out now. He's the President of Emerging Devices.

10:20AM Okay, so all three finalists are on stage now, and it's time to vote. Text 88222: if you vote for Action X-Ray, text APP1. HopiChest is APP2 and SleepBot is APP3. Now we're just missing Ryan Seacrest.

10:19AM Ha, love her shirt: "error 4:04 AM (sleep not found)"

10:18AM SleepBot helps improve people's sleep by tracking and scheduling your sleep, collects that data, and offers resources for you if you're having trouble sleeping.

10:17AM The final contestant is SleepBot.

10:16AM The next app uses mHealth to show a record of their health and share that record on Twitter or Facebook.

10:16AM It's also a nice idea for your doctor, so they know when and where your injuries have taken place.

10:15AM The app targets lovers of Extreme sports. If there's a head injury, the app can display an ad for a helmet.

10:14AM The first contestant is Action X-Ray, which allows you to keep track of your injuries.

10:14AM Ah, they're bringing 3 devs up to do a live pitch to the audience. Each one had less than 12 hours to code an app. The winner of the live pitch will get $5000 and Nickelback backstage tickets.

10:13AM Ooh, the next segment involves audience participation. THey're discussing the hack-a-thon.

10:12AM The new AppCenter is found at, and Jeff encourages all HTML5 and Android devs to check the beta out.

10:11AM AT&T's rolling out a next-gen AppCenter that will support HTML5 and Android, and will expand to other OS later.

10:10AM AT&T is making the ARO code open source later this year.

10:09AM Jeff is alone on stage now.

10:09AM ARO is available at

10:09AM You can definitely tell that Jeff is reading his comments off a teleprompter.

10:09AM Jeff from Zynga is now explaining how much administrative overhead was causing inefficiencies with the user's energy consumption.

10:07AM "The benefits we saw reduced network traffic as well."

10:07AM Tom's explaining how Pandora was utilizing both CPUs, which was incredibly inefficient. "We were just kind of guessing (before ARO). ARO helped us learn how to utilize our app more effectively."

10:05AM Jeff: did ARO make a difference? Tom: it did. ARO showed us that we were using batteries faster than we needed to.

10:05AM Pandora was one of hte first companies to try the tool (ARO).

10:05AM He's bringing on Tom Conrad from Pandora and Jeff Zakrzerwki from Zynga.

10:04AM The tool will now be available on the website starting today.

10:04AM The optimizer utilizes two key tools: a data logger and an analyzer. The logger collects data samples. Transfer that info into the analyzer, and it shows your app's interaction with the network.

10:02AM Jeff's talking about the application resource optimizer. "it's going to help your apps run faster and use less power."

10:02AM Not bringing htem on, just introducing them actually.

10:01AM Now he's bringing on one of the other finalists: Electrify.

10:00AM The app allows you to remotely turn the power on the outlet on and off, and it looks like it measures the energy and cost savings.

9:57AM "The app we won the award with was version 1. This one here is the version we launched today,"

9:57AM People Power has been trying to solve the problem of Vampire Power.

9:56AM The winner of hte contest was people power.

9:55AM He's listing off a few green apps that were involved in AT&T's sustainability contest.

9:54AM There are now over 100 sustainability apps across iOS, Android and HTML5.

9:53AM The goal: less wasteful handset charger, greener packaging and becoming UL environment-certified.

9:53AM "As a company, we're seeking programs in which we can make a difference."

9:52AM Now, Jeff Bradley, SVP of AT&T Mobility and Consumer markets, is on stage.

9:52AM He's encouraging everyone to register.

9:51AM More than 100 active projects in the Foundry today.

9:51AM 3 facilities up and running now in Silicon Valley, Texas and Israel.

9:50AM John is now moving on to the AT&T Foundry.

9:50AM AT&T's goal is to offer global interoperability for the products on its new API platform.

9:49AM "We're working to support a globally addressable API market."

9:49AM there's also a speech to text and storage API. okay, vid's done and back to John.

9:49AM the contacts API will let you share your contacts with the cloud.

9:48AM Now we're watching a video showing some of the APIs.

9:47AM He's listing off several benefits of the new APIs. For instance, network optimization will allow developers to ensure that their apps are the most efficient they can possibly be on the network.

9:46AM His goal is to drive that number up to 10 billion this year.

9:46AM AT&T's first APIs were thrown into Visual Voicemail on the iPhone. From that time, there have been more than 4.5 billion API calls per month on the network at the end of 2011.

9:45AM Curry's left the stage, and it's just John now.

9:45AM AT&T will be attending the OPenStack summit in April.

9:44AM "We're moving very fast as a project. We're about to have our fifth release, called Essex, in April. A number of improvements."

9:43AM Curry: "we launched about 18 months ago and we already have 140 companies join the intiative."

9:43AM "AT&T is the first US telecom service provider to join the initiative."

9:43AM They're small talking as they sit down...

9:42AM John's inviting the Chief Stacker for OpenStack, Jim Curry.

9:42AM OpenStack provides the infrastructure to support the new API platform.

9:41AM AT&T has formally joined the OpenStack initiative.

9:41AM One more piece of cloud news: OpenStack.

9:41AM Depending on how you configure, you can pay monthly or hourly depending on your needs.

9:40AM You'll be able to build and scale in near-real time. Provision changes dynamically through their online service portal.

9:40AM Debian, Fedora and Redhat will be possible options.

9:39AM The Cloud Architect will be available in the coming weeks.

9:39AM AT&T Cloud Architect. A developer-centered cloud,

9:38AM AT&T is also attempting to bring Enterprise to the cloud.

9:37AM John's discussing how the AT&T will be a collection of tiny droplets, "just like a real cloud!"

9:36AM "Cloud services are embedded inside AT&T's managed network, as opposed to a public point like other carriers."

9:36AM "OUr approach to cloud services is based on our intelligent network."

9:36AM "We're surronded by network access points -- macros, micros, picos."

9:35AM 150,000 network improvements were made in 2011, and installed 30,000 capacity carriers, and hung 80,000 new antennas.

9:34AM AT&T's LTE architecture is differentiated from other carriers, he says. The new architecture reduces power consumption.

9:33AM He's bringing up the E-word: enhanced backhaul. John also wants to make sure we know that AT&T has both HSPA+ and LTE as a big part of its "4G" strategy.

9:32AM John's boasting that AT&T is the most open carrier to innovation.

9:32AM David's done showing off the APIs, and now handing the stage over to CTO John Donovan.

9:31AM David's talking pricing: $99 registration fee will give you unlimited access to APIs through the remainder of 2012.

9:30AM APIs will be available through cloud services like Windows Azure and heroku.

9:30AM as it happens, you can check out a full hands-on of Twonky on our site at

9:29AM You can beam the content on your tablet's browser over to your U-Verse TV.

9:28AM Twonky Beam Browser is an app that you can browse the web, but it discovers all your web-connected devices, such as UVerse.

9:27AM Osama Alshaykh, CEO of PocketVideo, is on stage to demo Twonky.

9:27AM The APIs will let you build apps that let you see what's on TV, and use them as a remote control.

9:26AM (wait, AT&T on top of the JD Power rankings?)

9:25AM Time for some U-Verse stats: 36 million subs, fastest growing TV service, top JD Power rankings,

9:24AM Joe's off the stage, and David's now going to share more details on the U-Verse APIs.

9:24AM "APIs were easy to integrate and we were pleased to see how well it worked in HTML5."

9:23AM They've built in a billing API, and Jason can upload training videos and other materials for his fans for htem to purchase.

9:22AM The app is designed to help him interact with his fans. Joe's showing off the app now, and the interface looks like his NBA locker.

9:22AM He's developed an app for NBA star Jason Terry using HTML5. He says it was the cross-platform experience that appealed to him.

9:20AM "Viva has an 11 year history with mobile."

9:20AM David's now introducing Joe Tafoya, a former Seattle Seahawk and now CEO of Viva! Vision.

9:20AM AT&T will split the revenue 70/30.

9:19AM The payment API utilizes HTML5.

9:19AM The mHealth API aggregates data storage to encourage caloric intake counters and other health care-related apps.

9:18AM Now David's telling us about the API catalog. It will offer options for payments, U-Verse and wireless, MMS/SMS, location, device capabilities and AT&T mHealth Alpha.

9:17AM David's talking up HTML5 global smartphone sales: they're forecasted to hit 1.5 billion devices by 2016.

9:16AM "Our networks support a large variety of phones. That's a lot of testing."

9:15AM It includes smaple code, HTML5 codes, and supports Java and Ruby.

9:14AM THe AT&T API platform: "a real game changer."

9:14AM AT&T is announcing the API platform and API catalog "with brand new interfaces," and announcements focusing on availability.

9:13AM "We believe apps are one of hte primary reasons people buy smartphones."

9:12AM Talking about when they started, they were running on blazing hot speeds of 19.2 kbps. Har!

9:12AM David's reviewing the developer program, which is now 16 years old.

9:12AM David Christopher is on stage now.

9:11AM Ralph's talking up some great devices and "surprises you won't want to miss."

9:10AM "In this industry, competition never slow down. I tell my team we have be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

9:10AM "I want you to know why we put such an emphasis on the dev program....the mobile experience is a combination of network, device and apps."

9:09AM The major breakthrough devices will be coming near the end of the keynote.

9:09AM Ralph's giving hte agenda for the keynote. we're first going to hear from david christopher, AT&T CMO.

9:07AM Ralph de la vega's on stage.

9:06AM okay, we're live!

9:03AM We just got the call from the overhead voice summoning everyone to hightail it into the room.

8:58AM And we're in! We just got the 5 minute warning, so we're getting pretty close.