Live from NVIDIA's CES 2012 press event

So, what pray tell does NVIDIA have in store for us at this year's Consumer Electronic? We're not sure just yet, but it's a safe bet that it involves tablets, smartphones and a certain quad-core ARM chip that goes by the name Tegra 3. Stay tuned for all the juicy details.

8:00PM And that's it folks. Music playing and people are getting up. Time to see if we can get our greasy mitts on those tablets while an orchestral rendition of Metalica blares.

7:57PM As will a Ferrari. "From super phones to super cars." Catchy.

7:56PM Tesla Model S will have two Tegras in it.

7:56PM Audi and NVIDIA will have another announcement coming soon -- such teases.

7:55PM Now an Audi A7 is up on screen -- it's time to talk NVIDIA Automotive.

7:54PM "This is gonna be a fantastic tablet year." We couldn't agree more, Mr. Huang.

7:54PM Use whatever dev tools you like -- be that C++ or any other platform.

7:53PM You'll be able to even build a content platform around the store -- no need to hand over a portion of your revenue from in-app purchases.

7:52PM The store is gonna be launching in 200 markets.

7:51PM And now we're taking a look at the Windows store. Sure is filled with tiles, imagine that.

7:50PM There's a Cut the Rope icon on that home screen. Win 8, the casual gaming platform of the future?

7:48PM A Tegra 3 reference tablet is on stage. It's been hiding in plain site this whole time.

7:47PM Aidan Marcuss, the Senior Director of Microsoft Windows is in the house to talk Win 8.

7:47PM That last empty pillar on stage is about to get populated -- time to start talking Windows.

7:46PM Bam! DirectTouch takes the touch controller out of the equation, allowing the fifth "ninja core" to handle touch detection.

7:45PM PRISM Display Technology separates color and backlight intensity to save battery life while preserving fidelity.

7:44PM "Variable symmetric multiprocessing"

7:43PM That fifth core? They like to call it a "ninja core."

7:43PM Now we're moving on to talking about Tegra 3 in more detail.

7:41PM Hear that noise? That's the sound of minds being blown.

7:41PM And it's only going to cost $249!

7:40PM We've got a seven-inch ASUS tablet on stage, running ICS on a Tegra 3.

7:39PM He knows the real problem, we've gotta make tablets cheaper.

7:38PM We're talking the future of tablets now, in very generic terms.

7:37PM Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS, is up on stage.

7:36PM Which we take to mean the Transformer Prime is getting ICS today.

7:35PM Tegra 3 is getting Ice Cream Sandwich today.

7:35PM Giving the ASUS guys a bit of an ego boost right now, saying it's his favorite tablet -- the Acer reps sitting next to us are grumbling a bit.

7:34PM "thinnest tablet in the world, the lightest tablet in the world, and it's also full HD"

7:34PM "That's not possible, that's not a video right?" Good thing NVIDIA's CEO didn't go into acting.

7:32PM Not natively, of course, but still impressive via a remote connection.

7:32PM Now things are gonna get really crazy, he's bringing Fatal1ty on stage to play Skyrim -- on the Transformer Prime!

7:31PM HD video playing on your desktop PC, being rendered in full resolution remotely on a tablet is pretty impressive.

7:30PM Now we're getting a look at Mr. Huang's iTunes library. Bee Gees and Justin Timberlake are the stars.

7:29PM "If it worked perfectly it wouldn't be a demo now would it." Well put sir.

7:28PM Now he's having some mouse trouble. Anything that can go wrong... well, you know the rest.

7:27PM This version delivers "full fidelity" when you remote into your PC, unlike past editions.

7:26PM Now we're getting another demo -- SplashTop THD. Another popular iPad app now on Android.

7:26PM Then again, now he makes six figures for fragging peoples.

7:25PM Apparently his mom kicked him out when he said he wanted to be pro-gamer. We can understand her concern.

7:25PM Time for a little celebrity endorsement, it's Johnathan Wendel, better known as Fatal!ty.

7:23PM Is it a good sign or a bad sign when your press event involves an honest to goodness LAN party?

7:22PM Now we're gonna get a multiplayer demo of Shadowgun. Tablet LAN party!

7:21PM No seriously, he couldn't figure it out.

7:21PM He's having a little trouble quitting the game now.

7:20PM Time to show off Riptide GP, as Huang reclines with a controller.

7:19PM Now we're being reminded that TegraZone exists, in case you may have forgotten.

7:19PM Watch out Apple, you big apps are coming to Android. Now NVDIA is coming after your gaming devs.

7:17PM Swipe your finger up and down to select parameters and tweak to your hearts content.

7:16PM Talking up the advancement and technology that puts professional effects at your fingertips on a tablet that could only be done on a professional grade workstation a few years back.

7:14PM Wille is showing off the very clean interface for tweaking your photos in the app.

7:13PM Guess what, it's demo time!

7:13PM Snapseed is now up on the screen -- one of the top iPad apps -- being introduced by Manuel WIlle, the Senior VP of Engineering at Nik Software.

7:12PM Going on and on about TinTin, we wouldn't be surprised if it was rendered on NVIDIA hardware.

7:11PM Getting a look at some tablet optimized apps like Fandango, that comes with widgets.

7:10PM ICS running "smooth like a baby's bottom... I like that." Creepy.

7:09PM The Transformer Prime is coming out now.

7:09PM The unified base will really attract developers, the key to a platforms success. Pretty obvious stuff really.

7:08PM Honeycomb wasn't really Android apparently, but Ice Cream Sandwich unifies things finally.

7:07PM Now we're getting to the good stuff, fragmentation.

7:07PM Now we're talking about the schizophrenic form factors -- keyboards, various sizes, digitizers, oh my!

7:06PM A brief detour through car world... now we're back to tablets. You know the thing that most of us in the room are here to hear about.

7:05PM "sometimes mobile, sometimes computing, most of the time wonderful" -- that's a cute way to describe a tablet.

7:04PM We're kind of amazed netbooks were still selling 100 million units five years in.

7:03PM "Tablets are the fastest growing consumer device in history"

7:02PM Lastly, cars -- "the new consumer electronics device"

7:02PM First up tablets, then a surprise Tegra 3 feature.

7:02PM Jen-Hsun Huang is on the stage, ready to talk to us about three things.

7:01PM Ladies and gentlemen, please silence your cellphones. Seriously, the sooner you do that, the sooner they'll turn off Muse.

6:58PM Two minute warning folks!

6:55PM Stage is pretty bare. A couple of podiums, some comfy looking chairs and what appears to be a Transformer, presumably of the Prime variety.

6:53PM We take that back, it just got offensive in here -- offensive to our sense of good taste. Paramore. Blech.

6:50PM The party certainly isn't Rawkus though -- too much inoffensive indie rock for that.

6:49PM Every minute or so NVIDIA cranks up the volume just a little bit, as if they're trying to slowly acclimate us to the raucous party that's about to get under way.

6:43PM And we're in! And being treat to Cake's Sick of You, in case you were curious.

6:00PM We're just hanging out, waiting for the doors to open. We've got Billy Steele rockin' the pics, myself, Terrence O'Brien, on the text and our very own Dana Wollman on general awesomeness.