RIM outs BB 7.1 OS, rollout begins hitting handsets worldwide today

Were you holding out hope that RIM would finally get its act together, rejoin the wireless race and push BBX BlackBerry 10 out to market early this year? It's probably best to stop holding your breath since we already know that major OS update won't come until much later in 2012. Shoring up the gap, however, is a just announced bump to the company's latest software: BB 7.1 OS. So, what's on deck for this stopgap refresh? For starters, the Canadian company's updated apps like BBM, BlackBerry Traffic and BlackBerry Travel, in addition to mobile hotspot, universal search and BlackBerry Tag (an implementation of NFC), WiFi calling, FM radio and BlackBerry Maps. The rollout will begin hitting phones worldwide today, so if you're packing a BlackBerry, expect to see the new firmware over the next few weeks. Hit up the source link below to get a more detailed look at the goods.