Smartphones and tablets to get MicroUSB 3.0 ports, just in time for it to seem old

Is it impatient to wonder why our phones' MicroUSB ports are still just measly USB 2.0? The USB Implementers Forum just acknowledged the omission at CES, but said we'll have to wait until the end of 2012 or even the start of 2013 before we see the new standard reach handsets and tablets. It also warned that transfer speeds will be nowhere near the port's raw 5Gbps capability, maxing out at something like 800 megabits instead. The main reason for the upgrade might actually be faster charging, since 3.0 can transfer more power, but with other port standards and even wireless charging gaining ground, it's hard not to regard this as a year too late. Make it a host port, however, and that might be a different story.