Toshiba announces Camileo Air10, its first WiFi camcorder, and the Z100 3D

Ever since the Flip went bye-bye all has been mostly quiet on the pocket camcorder front, but today we seem to be hitting the jackpot when it comes to new budget cams. First, Sony unveiled the Bloggie Live (which, er live-streams), and now Toshiba is showing off the Air its first wireless camcorder, the Camileo Air10. Like the Bloggie Live, it's equipped for easy uploads and live-streaming, though in this case the list of supported services includes UStream, YouTube, Facebook, Picasa and Twitvid. For the money, it also snaps 16MP stills and does 1080p video, as does every other camcorder in Toshiba's stable. Moving along, Toshiba also announced the Z100 3D, a 3D camcorder with a glasses-free 3D touchscreen LCD (it's a wee one, at 2.8 inches, so we're not sure how much you'll be able to appreciate the 3D effects before outputting it to a TV). This, too, takes 16 megapixel photos. Look for the Air10 to hit for $150 next month, with the Z100 3D arriving in late March for $220.

Sean Buckley contributed to this post.