Ubuntu TV making its debut at CES, gets short demo clip

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Ubuntu TV making its debut at CES, gets short demo clip
Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth promised that Ubuntu would come to TVs eventually, but we never expected it would arrive so quickly. A concept preview is here at CES for convention goers to get their eyeballs on and we'll be swinging through the company's booth to get some hands-on. For now it's largely a technical demo and concept, but there are already some neat features on display like a 3D dash, searchable guide and streaming video apps. The goal, the company says, is to "uncomplicate television" by removing as much of the paraphernalia that accompanies it -- primarily the boxes and cables. If you can't be here to check it out in person (or can't wait for our own preview), check out the gallery below and the video after the break.

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