Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept is an electric bug that wants to go fast

The new new Beetle might have gotten more macho in its latest incarnation, but that didn't stop Volkswagen from upping the ante with the E-Bugster Concept. Don't let those serious looks fool you, as its wielding a comparatively anemic electric drivetrain donated from the upcoming Blue-e-emotion Golf. That's 114 horses tasked with hauling a 695 pound lithium-ion derrière, which in its hatchback donor took a languid 11 seconds to hit 60MPH. It's got respectable range though, as it'll roam for nearly 100 miles before requiring a 120, 240 or 400V tether -- with the latter replenishing 80 percent of its battery in a scant 30 minutes. That kind of onboard choice we like, but next time lets withhold the visual drama unless we really mean business. Okay?