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Yahoo! Connected TV setups draw web, TV closer in 2012 with mobile apps, IntoNow

While Google moves and Apple rumors have attracted most internet TV hype, Yahoo has been busy moving units, racking up 8 million widget TVs in the market and over a million active users every month. The broadcast interactivity it demonstrated at least year's show is already live on the 2011 lineup of Sony Bravias and will launch on the 2012 models soon, with access to trivia, interactive ads and the like. Last year we were also shown an iPad remote, which the company promises to deliver alongside apps for iPhone and Android devices in the first quarter of this year that can launch apps, control them and enter text. Finally, this year we'll also see the fruits of its IntoNow purchase, as the technology will be plugged into Yahoo's backend and allow sets to pull in relevant internet content alongside whatever is being watched. Hang on for our hands-on impressions and more details, and check out the press release after the break.