AT&T PlayStation Vita 3G hands-on, races PlayStation 3 on WipeOut (video)

We bought, we played, we reviewed. Now the officially official AT&T-connected Vita is nearing that February release date. We couldn't help but have another play, and you may be glad to hear that it's largely unchanged from our time with the Japanese model. Thankfully there's no network blemishes on the unit -- a Sony spokesperson told us that it's more of a tie-in for data, so there's no hardware changes. We were unable, however, to check to see if these demo devices were carrier-locked like the NTT DoCoMo version.

Everything else, including the sumptuous five-inch capacitive display and dual-analog controls are all in attendance. There were also plenty of new games looking likely to launch alongside the US device, including Little Big Planet and WipeOut. We also got demoed a cross-platform race between two PS Vitas and PlayStation. Both our hands-on and a dash of cross-PlayStation gaming awaits after the break. You've saved enough cash for February 22nd, right?

Sean Cooper contributed to this post.