Boxee Box Live TV dongle hands-on (video)

Boxee is here at Showstoppers, where they've put the Boxee Box Live TV dongle on full display. Initially announced back in November, this tool pipes coaxial signals through to a user's Boxee Box, allowing users to connect their antennas to a Box and stream select channels at no monthly fee. The system also features Facebook integration, allowing you to see what shows your friends are watching, with their profiles displayed under each show within the sidebar menu. It won't return search results for live TV programming, but Boxee is looking to incorporate this feature into future versions. The Boxee Box Live TV dongle is priced at $50, and should begin shipping by the third week of January. For more details, check out our full gallery below, followed by our hands-on video after the break.

Sean Buckley contributed to this report.