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Mercedes-Benz intros mbrace2 at CES, brings apps to the car

Mercedes-Benz intros mbrace2 at CES, brings apps to the car
Dante Cesa
Dante Cesa|@dantecesa|January 10, 2012 2:20 PM
Here at Mercedes-Benz's CES keynote (its first), the creator of the automobile just unveiled the successor to its telematics system: mbrace2. This second generation builds upon last year's release, focusing heavily on adding social media into the mix with app support like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp via a smartphone interconnect -- much in the vein of BMW Apps and Ford SYNC AppLink. Rolling out first in the 2013 SL and later eventually to all US models, CEO Dieter Zetsche also mentioned it'll update itself, as lets face it, visits to the dealer just for new features isn't pleasant nor speedy. Stay tuned for a hands-on from the show floor in a few.

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Joe Pollicino contributed to this report.
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