Microvision's PicoMagic apps bring touch interactive, 3D mobile displays to your pico projector

Microvision unveiled a slew of new tools for pico projector enthusiasts today, with its new PicoMagic platform. Fueled by the company's PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine, PicoMagic offers a host of new applications to pico presenters, including two on display at this year's CES -- touch interactive and 3D mobile displays. The former, rather obviously, allows users to manipulate images and icons with their sure-handed fingers on any surface, while the latter, known as PicoP 3D, takes this capability to the third dimension. These PicoMagic apps will be available to Gen 2 HD laser display engine owners by late 2012, but you can find more information right now, in the press release that awaits you after the break.

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MicroVision Catapults Mobile Displays to the Next Level

This year at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, MicroVision, Inc., the leader in innovative ultra-miniature laser display technology, is revealing immersive and boundary-pushing mobile experiences for future pico projection products. Powered by its new PicoP® Gen 2 HD laser display engine, MicroVision's new PicoMagic™ demonstration platform will debut two new applications: the first-ever focus-free touch interactive and 3D displays that create an entirely new, immersive mobile experience for pico projection devices.

Whether used for business, entertainment or gaming, the PicoMagic applications will revitalize the basic user experience often associated with ultra-miniature projection technology. PicoMagic demonstrates how mobile device users can have an immersive, "infinite reality" experience in the palm of their hand. The MicroVision PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine and PicoMagic display applications will be ideal for various consumer and commercial mobile applications such as entertainment, advanced gaming, business projection, and education.

Touch interactive and 3D mobile displays are two PicoMagic applications MicroVision will be demonstrating at CES. Touch interactive displays will allow users to instantly interact with a projected image on any surface, as well as create multi-user applications such as virtual whiteboards. For business users, touch interactive technology will provide the convenience to conduct business presentations with only the touch of their fingertips on a large display surface. Avid mobile gamers would also benefit from touch interactive technology by interacting with projected images with high response levels, making mobile gaming more realistic. As MicroVision continues to dedicate itself to enhancing the user experience for pico projection use cases, 3D displays are another natural next step. MicroVision's PicoP 3D will provide an incredibly immersive viewing experience, from an ultra-compact and portable device.

"Pico projection is an emerging market with great growth opportunity for MicroVision and we believe consumers want a more engaging experience than just projecting information from mobile devices," said Alexander Tokman, president and CEO of MicroVision. "We have developed the first two PicoMagic display applications based on this feedback from customers and consumers. The PicoMagic display applications open up new possibilities for OEMs and developers to create the next generation of pico projection products that go beyond basic projection. Combining the PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine with PicoMagic applications can give business users, educators and gamers an unmatched interactive and immersive content display experience."

Available today as demonstrators, the PicoMagic applications are expected to be provided to MicroVision's future PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine customers in late 2012 for 2013 products.

MicroVision is inviting CES attendees to its technology suite at the Venetian Hotel (31-231) to experience the future of mobile projection with the new PicoMagic display applications, including touch interactive and 3D displays. Also in the exhibition suite is the newest generation of Project Tuatara, MicroVision's prototype gaming gun. Project Tuatara enables an "infinite reality" experience to gamers where first- and third-person games can be played on walls, ceilings and floors with immersive movements that are unmatched by any console or mobile device experience today.