Samsung bringing its Series 7 Gamer to the US, we go hands-on (video)

We're going to get this out of the way up front: Samsung is showing off a lot of laptops this week at CES. Given how of the moment Ultrabooks are, we can see why Sammy would choose to highlight its Series 5 Ultras and redesigned Series 9. The emphasis on skinny PCs has been so fervent, in fact, that you might not have heard the company is bringing its first gaming laptop, the Series 7 Gamer, stateside. We're told Samsung is currently planning on offering just one configuration, with a Core i7 CPU, 2GB AMD Radeon HD6970M card, a 5,900mAh battery, JBL speakers and a 300-nit, 1080p display. For those who haven't seen this in action yet, it sports a backlit keyboard, with the all-important WASD keys conveniently highlighted in a different color, along with an analog dial for toggling power modes. On the outside, Samsung's logo glows with the help of an LED backlight, but disappears when the lid is shut. Expect it to hit this side of the Atlantic in April for $1,799, and in the meantime we've got hands-on photos and video, but sadly, no answer to that question for the ages: red or marigold yellow?

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.