Skype-controlled Mindstorms NXT car: toys over IP?

If you build it, they will come; so the saying goes. And robotics-loving Mindstorms NXT-enthusiast Leon built it. What exactly? Well, a car. But not just any old brick-mobile, one you -- yes you -- at home can control via Skype. How does one conjure up such sorcery? By training a light sensor on a laptop screen, for receiving Skype calls, a soupçon of screen sharing, all mixed with a little web code so you can pilot remotely. The final lap is over a Bluetooth connection, plus there's a clever self-charging system originally featured on these very pages. Fancy taking it for a spin? You've got until the 18th of this month before Leon gets fed-up with the constant reverse donuts. Check the video after the break to see the truly "remote controlled" car in action, and tap the source to see how you too can take it for a spin.