The Engadget Interview: Google TV Product Manager Rishi Chandra at CES 2012 (video)

After launching its initial volley in late 2010, Google TV remained in a holding pattern hardware-wise while waiting for the massive upgrade to Honeycomb that would bring third party apps and an entirely new UI. Now Google TV 2.0 has arrived, and it's been followed by a slew of new product announcements. While Logitech has bowed out this time, new partners Vizio, LG and Samsung are joining Sony for round two, so we took a few minutes to chat with product manager Rishi Chandra about where the platform has been in the last year and a half, and where he sees it going in the future. Check out the video above to see what the team has learned from its users over the last year, and what the folks at Google think it will mean to simplify TV and internet video viewing.