Verizon FiOS TV app to deliver VOD and live HD to LG TVs

Verizon FiOS TV App

Everybody has to have an app these days and telecom companies like Verizon are no different. Apps on smartphones and tablets, apps on game consoles and even apps on HDTVs or Blu-ray players. The latest app from Verizon is the FiOS TV App, which will be coming to LG's Smart TV Platform in the first half of 2012. In addition to 26 live channels, like Verizon's Xbox 360 app, LG HDTVs and Blu-ray players will also have access to video on-demand, including the 10,000 Flex View titles. As excited about this as we are, our enthusiasm is quickly tempered when we realize all the live channels that're missing, this makes it very far from being the set-top boxless solution we dream of.

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LG Electronics And Verizon Collaborate To Offer FiOS TV App On LG's Smart TV Platform

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LG Electronics and Verizon today announced an alliance that will offer a new entertainment experience for the LG Smart TV* platform, when LG introduces the Verizon FiOS TV app to current LG Smart TVs and Blu-ray players in 2012.

The new app will allow Verizon FiOS TV subscribers to access 26 live HD channels directly through their connected LG Smart TV or Blu-ray Player without any additional hardware required. Through the collaboration, customers will also have access to more than 10,000 video on-demand titles available through Flex View – Verizon's at home or away from home on-demand entertainment service for TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

"We're very excited to be working with Verizon to bring even more compelling offerings to LG Smart TV," said Sam Chang, general manager of LG's Smart TV Innovation Development Group. "Adding content from the Verizon FiOS service to our robust Smart TV platform further delivers on LG's promise to provide customers with the best solution available."

"By bringing the technologically advanced Verizon FiOS TV service to the LG Smart TV, we are providing the best in entertainment in extraordinary new ways, further breaking down old technology boundaries," said Eric Bruno, vice president of consumer and mass business product management for Verizon. "We want to make everything our customers want or need to do simpler, easier and more convenient, by putting the awesome power of technology in their hands and providing customers with a borderless lifestyle.

Easy control through LG's Magic Remote

Through LG's updated Magic Remote, accessing and using this new content allows people to search for, access and navigate Smart TV features through a variety of input methods including gesture, voice** and text input.

The "Wheel" feature located at the center of the Magic Remote enables users to swiftly scroll up and down Web pages and various menus and applications – just like a PC, allowing users to view content quicker and more efficiently. The "Pointing" function allows users to simply point the Magic Remote toward the TV screen and drag the on-screen cursor to make selections. Through Pointing, users can also navigate through LG's Smart TV ecosystem without having to use multiple buttons and arrow keys. Additionally, physical Magic Gestures can be inputted as commands, enabling users to control CINEMA 3D Smart TVs with simple arm or wrist movements. LG also offers versions that offer voice recognition allowing users to enter text – such as search terms – with voice commands, speeding up the overall Smart TV browsing experience.