Motorola Smart Controller now available for $99, drive your Xyboard without holding it (video)

We first caught wind of Motorola's wireless pointing device, the Smart Controller, back in October when we played with a small army of Droid RAZR accessories. Whilst paired with phones, the Bluetooth remote control also moonlights as a handset that can receive and make calls, thanks to a dedicated call button on its backside. Naturally, it can also be paired with Moto's family of tablets, which is how we encountered it here, wirelessly tethered to a Xyboard 8.2 at CES. Featuring a trackpad and the same four Android nav buttons you'd encounter on a Motorola handset, tracking was generally good, although occasionally jumpy especially as we neared the end of web pages. You could chalk that up to a less than ideal demo environment, but at least we can report its build quality was top notch. Clicking on the trackpad was also nice, as your thumb's treated to a wee bit of travel before clicks actuate. It's a niche device, sure, but with full navigation and pinch to zoom, this add-on could make for a nice couch browsing experience while your tablet's tethered to your TV. If you're jonesin' for one, they're available now for a cool Benjamin from Moto or Verizon.

Billy Steele contributed to this report