Hands-on with new NPR and SYNC Destinations via AppLink

Sadly Ford wouldn't let us rest our rumps in the sexy Evos concept, but we did get a chance to shout some commands at its updated SYNC system and play with a few of the new apps. A rep was kind enough to give us a quick demo of the updated SYNC Destinations app, as well as the newly compatible NPR and IHeartRadio apps for the iPhone. Then we were allowed to climb in the driver's seat of the mid-life crisis red 2013 Mustang GT. Last time we played with AppLink it was on a simple, monochrome screen, had just three apps available and things didn't go smoothly. In the year since, the lineup has grown significantly and now it's on a big, color touchscreen. But, more importantly, it worked pretty much flawlessly (only stumbling briefly over the word "Nevada"). In particular we really enjoyed the ability to pull up any NPR station we wanted -- we were getting a little home sick for WNYC. Head after the break to see it in action.