Henge Docks for the MacBook Air hands-on (video)

We were a little giddy when Henge Docks announced their desktop resting spot for the MacBook Pro, and perhaps even more so when they unveiled the MacBook Air model earlier this week. We paid the company a visit on the CES floor to catch a peek at products first-hand. Sure, the white, plastic exterior may a bit off-putting for some but we didn't mind it -- especially for a dock that you can snag for around $50. While the device is pretty straightforward, the rubber padding that hugs the docked laptop provided more security that we'd initially thought. One thing you'll want to keep in mind though: the peripheral does make the USB port on the machine's docked end usable on its backside, but the Thunderbolt socket is reduced to display-only functionality. The outfit assured us that it's working on a solution that maximizes that Intel potential and we're anxious to see that become a reality. An express tour awaits the curious, right after the break.

Dante Cesa contributed to this report.