I'm Watch brings old Android, new form factor to your wrist (video)

Smartwatches are increasing their presence at this year's CES. Alongside Sony's latest efforts to marry notifications with a dash of apps, Italian company i'm SpA has decided to make the long trip over to Las Vegas and give us a showing of its own curiously named I'm Watch. The hardware includes a sapphire glass front -- a 1.55-inch color 240 x 240 display -- with an aluminum body that weighs around 70 grams. Power is provided through the headphone socket, and the 480mAh battery will afford around four hours of smartwatch entertainment. There were plenty of color options on the show floor with the standard style arriving in white, pink, light blue, red, yellow green and black. Several metallic options were also housed in a glass case and are set to arrive soon.

The watch packs in both a loudspeaker and microphone, with Bluetooth connectivity and 4GB of memory storage. Aside from color options, there are two different models available with 64 or 128 MB of RAM. The interface remains a capacitive touchscreen, with a button on the right side acting as both the screen unlock and back button. Four icons can be housed on each screen, and like any Android device, you can swipe between them. App compatibility is a little hit and miss, on the aging Android version, but for social network updates and music playback and from our limited time with the watch, it appears largely up to the task. The basic model is priced up at $330 dollars, and is available to order online now. Smartwatch fans can check the Android timepiece in our video right after the break.

Zach Honig contributed to this report.