iPad 3 rumored to bring faster CPU, higher-resolution display and LTE this March

On one hand, it's just another iPad rumor. On the other, there's an interesting wrinkle here that hasn't been confirmed -- let alone talked about seriously -- in past reports. Bloomberg is reporting that the iPad 3 will go on sale as early as March, boasting a higher-resolution screen, a speedier processor and support for "next-generation wireless networks." According to the all-common "unnamed sources," the outfit's manufacturing partners are purportedly "ramping up production" of the device this month, with full volume to be hit by February. Within, you'll supposedly find a quad-core chip and support for LTE, but it's unclear whether or not both AT&T and Verizon's 4G networks will be supported.

As it stands, the iPad 2 can be purchased with a Verizon 3G or AT&T 3G module within, and we highly doubt Apple would prefer to launch the next iPad with LTE support on just one or the other. Moreover, the solidification of LTE within the iPad is the best confirmation yet that the wireless spec will also be a part of the iPhone 5; granted, that's far from written in stone, but if Apple has managed to get battery life to a comfortable place, there's no reason to not give prospective buyers an avenue to hop on the faster mobile superhighway.