Spotted: Samsung's 17-inch Series 7 Chronos laptop

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Spotted: Samsung's 17-inch Series 7 Chronos laptop
And then there were three. The first time we saw Samsung's Series 7 Chronos, we knew it was going to be offered in two mainstream sizes -- 14 and 15.6 inches -- but now we know the line's going to include a desktop replacement as well. The company's soon to ship a 17-inch model with a matte, 300-nit, 1080p display, next-gen Core i7 processor, JBL speakers and some unspecified ATI graphics card with 2GB of video memory. As you'd imagine, the industrial design is what you'll find on the 15-inch version we reviewed, and the laptop incorporates the same SuperBright display used on the Series 5 Chromebook and Ultrabooks. Which is to say it's bright with decent viewing angles, though not quite as sunny as the screens used on Samsung's Series 9 laptops. No word yet on when and where it'll go on sale, but we're hearing it'll run for $1,499 when it does arrive in the US. In the meantime, we've got some requisite hands-on photos below for your viewing pleasure.

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