Wi3 Wipnet may solve your connectivity complications at home, for a price

The Moca (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) standards haven't yet solved our home networking problems, but things may be about to change. Wi3 is here at the CES 2012 to exhibit its Wipnet technology, which can use your home's coax backbone to transmit data at a speed of up to 175Mbps. The devices should go for sale in April, with four different configurations with one or two Ethernet ports (Wip1000 and Wip1500), Ethernet and WiFi (Wip2000) or Ethernet and HDMI (for client / server services – Wip2500), and with a price of about $175 without WiFi, and additional $50 for the wireless option. They may also be included in wall sockets, on wall mounts or even on standalone boxes for small New York apartments that can't be reconfigured.

The Wi3 people are also developing a box that can send the power over coax, beside additional services (like internet connectivity), but for now each box needs to be powered independently, and they also have a different filter to make sure your data does not leave your home using the neighborhood coax lines. Like what you see? Don't judge till you peek the shots below.