Samsung to merge Bada with Tizen: the OS party just got a little freaky

While everyone was watching Windows Phone parting the iOS / Android curtains, no one noticed Bada and Tizen making cheeky eyes at each other. It was rumored Samsung might open-source its featurephone OS, but according to Forbes, it'll now fuse it with the Intel-backed Tizen project. Once the nuptials are complete, it's reported Bada apps will play nice with Tizen -- including full backwards compatibility -- with developers getting a new integrated SDK and API. We're guessing then, that it's the Bada brand getting the chop when the two linux-based systems tie the knot. The spirit of MeeGo, of course, also lives on in Tizen making this one big concept cocktail. One we should see being poured into "at least one or two" Samsung handsets, and eventually other products, sometime this year -- failing any last-minute cold feet.