Android integration for car stereos and rear-view mirrors, hands-on (video)

CES may be over, but we've still got a few interesting gems to share from our week-long trip in Las Vegas. Far off the beaten path of glitzy booths and familiar brand names, we discovered a few companies that are looking to bring Android gadgetry into automobiles. One that exemplifies this nascent product realm is known as Rydeen. While many of its creations remain merely prototypes, the firm is close to completion of a double-DIN stereo head unit that runs Android 2.2. Then, imagine our surprise when we discovered a functional version of Froyo running from within a rear-view mirror. By the company's own admission, it has no interest to bring a stock Android experience to the reflective surface, but rather is treating this project as a learning experience. By 2013, it hopes to show a finalized mirror with a simplified interface more appropriate for drivers. We happened to grab a brief hands-on video with both models, along with the Android head unit. While we'd be hesitant to use any of the samples in their current state, each provides a fine glimpse into some of the consumer products that we may see in the desert next year.