Mercedes-Benz gesture control concept is DICEy

Damon Lavrinc
D. Lavrinc|01.15.12

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Mercedes-Benz gesture control concept is DICEy
Ze Germans seem to be obsessed with Minority Report-style interior controls, and Mercedes-Benz has taken it to the next level with a full-scale interior with nary a button or switch to be found.

Mercedes' Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience (DICE) utilizes a series of proximity sensors to detect arm and hand movements, which control everything from music, navigation and social functionality to a heads-up display that comprises the entire windshield.

You can get a feel for the system in action in the video after the break, but as you'll see, it's very beta, mistaking hand movements for selections and generally being a pain to use – let alone control while you're driving a car. Thankfully, Mercedes has plenty of time to work out the kinks as it won't be coming to production for at least a couple decades.

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