NuForce CEO teases Air DAC for high quality wireless audio streaming at CES (video)

Nestled deep within the iLounge hall of CES, surrounded by numerous vendors of cheap phone cases and yesterday's news, we stumbled upon a company that didn't quite belong. Known as NuForce, the firm is recognizable amongst audiophiles both for its high-end gear and consumer lineup that often shames overpriced competitors. As it happened, we stumbled upon a mysterious product known as the Air DAC, and happily, NuForce CEO, Jason Lim was on hand to give us a tour. Withholding technical specs (for now), the product is built for high quality wireless audio streaming and will ship as two distinct products -- one that operates over USB and another built for Apple's dock connector. We're also told that each transmitter can be paired with four Air DAC receivers and vice versa. Also, the product can be daisy-chained together to cover larger distances.

The DAC unit itself is rather spartan, which features only a power connector and two RCA analog outs. Yeah, digital ports would've been more alluring, but the Air DAC seems to be targeted at the average consumer and we're told it'll have a price to match. The sound quality was absolutely fantastic when played through the Icon system, which includes a separate amplifier and the Icon S-X speakers. Then again, we wouldn't have expected anything less, given the quality of the Icon setup to begin with. For an introductory look at the system in action, be sure to check the video after the break.