Sun Innovations show off Transplay Animated Laser Display, projects blueish vision of the future (video)

As we continued to explore deeper and deeper into the underbelly of CES, something sparkled in the corner of our jaded eyes as we flitted between rows and rows of anonymous stalls. Already festooned with engineering awards, this animated laser display works by beaming a laser generated image onto glass planes containing a film of nanoparticles. Although a blue projector was on show here, it's also being developed in red, white and even dual blue and red. The projector itself requires only a short distance to project across the full width of the screen -- the demo kit you see here was under three feet from the image, which was pin sharp. They're not really about the implementation here, more the hardware, which accepts VGA input through either the USB connection or the built-in XD card reader. Regardless, the current demo reel includes some retail display animations and rotating logos -- including a glimpse of the Zune logo -- but the system can also be turned into an augmented reality driving aid. Marvel at it yourself by checking out our eyes-on right after the break.

Zach Honig contributed to this post.