GoBandit WiFi helmet cam hands-on

Extreme sports junkies are no strangers to the vast selection of helmet cams just waiting for them to record their wicked shenanigans, so we were expecting to see nothing drastically new when we stopped by the GoBandit booth at CES 2012. There was one thing, however, that stuck out to us as we played with the company's top-tier model, the GoBandit Live: WiFi. And let's be very careful with words here, because these full HD cams don't find WiFi hotspots -- they are WiFi hotspots. This means that not only can you upload your vids to another device, you can broadcast them live. Here's how it works: download the companion iOS app (the company's working to have Android compatibility soon), activate the cam's WiFi and either load your vids or view them live. The model GoBandit had on hand was still a prototype model, so unfortunately we weren't able to put it to the full test yet, though we at least were able to snap a few pics for the gallery below. Available in March, it comes in two flavors: the Live, which offers GPS and WiFi, and the Race, which doesn't. The pair will go for $419 and $319, respectively.

Joseph Volpe contributed to this post.