Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case uses self-healing paint, won't un-crack your screen

Well hey there, butterfingers. Do your smartphone cases often slip from grip, hitting the deck and resulting in a bevy of tiny nicks that leave you self-conscious about your inability to maintain a firm grasp? Well, Nissan (yes, that Nissan) may just have an answer, in the form of a self-healing iPhone case. Naturally, the Scratch Shield -- which we first heard of back in 2009 -- protects your device from garnering unwanted blemishes, but it also features a polyrotaxane-based finish that helps maintain the case itself, covering over small scratches in as little as an hour. Nissan is keeping its magic paint on home turf for the time being, licensing the material to Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo, though the Leaf-maker is also said to be considering a commercial launch later this year. Until then, you'll need to stay strong (gripped), though a self-mend solution may well be in your future.