Q.U.B.E. being prototyped for iOS, Mac and OnLive versions on the way

Not a PC owner? Take heart, because the folks behind the Indie Fund's first release, Q.U.B.E., are already hard at work on bringing the game to a platform more accessible to you. "We're currently prototyping an iOS version, and a Mac version has been in the works for two months now," Toxic Games managing director and co-founder Daniel Da Rocha told Joystiq by email earlier today. The game is also planned for an OnLive release in the not so distant future. "Hard to say right now, hopefully Q1 2012," Da Rocha said.

As for an Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network port of the already profitable game, that concept is a bit more nebulous. "We would love to go in that direction," Da Rocha told us. "It's all dependent on how well the PC version does." You heard him, folks! Get crackin'!