ZTE reaches for the sky, aims to double phone shipments in 2012

Talk about a New Years Resolution: ZTE's head of handset strategy Lv Qianhao, in an interview with Reuters, mentioned that in 2012 his company expects to double the number of smartphone shipments made last year, as well as expand its Windows Phone efforts. While we're not completely certain as to what that specific number was, Lv stated that it far exceeded its target of 12 million. Regardless of how much it shipped last year, we can't imagine it would be terribly easy to double it, but it signifies ZTE's intent to grow and expand in markets like the US and China. This news seems to coincide with the company's plans to introduce high-end LTE-capable smartphones in the US market in the middle of this year. Does this mean the OEM will be pushing hard to gain more acceptance from stateside carriers? If it results in new top-notch devices coming into the market, then we sure hope so.