Months after Gingerbread's arrival, HTC Sense remains fussy, users can't get no satisfaction

Many HTC Sense users have experienced less than ideal conditions ever since their upgrade to Gingerbread. In an issue that's likely tied to the operating system's new memory management techniques, we've seen the launcher sporadically restart upon return to the home screen, and in rarer cases, cause Sense to revert entirely to its factory settings. While the glitch is hardly new, it's rather well documented and the longstanding nature demands a proper (and expedient) update from HTC. Until that moment comes, we've included a few tips to help affected users get through the day.

First, the most straightforward solution involves using an alternate launcher, such as ADW, Go or LauncherPro. If you want to keep Sense and its goodies, you can try to keep widget use to a minimum, but if you're willing to gain root access, the command "echo ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 >/data/local.prop" has also proven successful at holding Sense in memory. Of course, dropping Sense entirely and replacing it with an AOSP ROM is another solution. Regardless of which route you choose, we hope you'll sound off in the comments and join us in the call for an update.