Chegg's online textbooks hope to captivate minds, market share (video)

Someone's about to get schooled, and if it's not the youth of America, then it'll be one of the companies rushing to release educational products this week. While Kno takes the interactive approach, and Apple typically keeps us guessing, Chegg hopes its new online reader will capture students' imaginations. The HTML5, cloud-based platform clearly thinks it's portability the kids want, working on almost any connected device. There are interactive features, such as an "Always on Q&A" where questions about material can be answered by the community and -- for the lazy -- a "Key Highlights" option, which uses crowd-sourced data to spotlight the popular sections -- much like on Amazon's Kindle. We all know, however, that the tech-ucation battle was convincingly won some time ago. Hit the PR after the break for the full rundown.

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Chegg Launches All New eTextbook Reader

eTextbook Reader gives access to eTextbooks on any connected device delivering advanced eLearning Services designed specifically for students

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Chegg, the leading network that saves students time, money and helps them get smarter, announced today the launch of its new eTextbook Reader, providing students with a cloud-based service to access their eTextbooks on any connected device. The innovative design and exclusive productivity tools are unrivaled in today's education landscape, furthering Chegg's position as a market leader.

"At Chegg, we strive to make learning technology easier, more accessible and more productive for today's college students," said Dan Rosensweig, president and CEO of Chegg. "With Chegg's all new cloud-based eTextbook Reader, we're raising the bar on innovation and productivity for our network of students, creating a personal experience connecting them to the most important content and eLearning services they need to get better grades."

Optimized for computers and iPads, Chegg's eTextbook Reader utilizes HTML5 to deliver a highly interactive user experience, offering access to the most relevant textbooks on any connected device. Led by recently acquired engineering team, 3D3R, the eTextbook Reader was created with the student in mind to offer easy navigation, enhanced highlighting, note taking, search and an advanced set of features including:

Instant Definitions: Select any word or short phrase and instantly see the dictionary and Wikipedia definition.
Always-on Q&A: Search any text and select "Ask A Question" to instantly connect to Chegg's Homework Help service. Chegg's community of subject matter experts answer questions, often in fewer than two hours.
Key Highlights: Turn on a view of the most important content from each eTextbook, crowd-sourced from other users' eTextbook activities.

Chegg's network of student advisors has made incredible contributions to the product features and functionalities.

"I love using Chegg's new eTextbook Reader!" said Nichole Fisher, senior at Lee University. "I thought I would be more apprehensive to use an eReader because I have preferred to have a physical book in front of me, but Chegg's eTextbook Reader is so helpful and easy to navigate."

As Chegg continues to increase its offering and services for today's students, it now provides students digital services and textbooks in any format from the leading higher education publishers. To learn more about Chegg's all new eTextbook Reader, go to