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Apple iBooks 2 textbooks video walkthrough and screenshots (hands-on)

Apple iBooks 2 textbooks video walkthrough and screenshots (hands-on)
Zach Honig
Zach Honig|January 19, 2012 5:29 PM
We had a few minutes to browse through iBooks 2 textbooks following Apple's press conference this morning, but now we have a fully-loaded iPad 2 to play with, so we decided to spend some more time getting educated in the comfort of our in-house studio. You already had a chance to get familiar with the new app and associated media earlier today, so this time it's all about the visuals. Browse through the galley below as we explore Life on Earth before taking a front seat in Biology and getting our hands dirty with Frog Dissection. And if you're feeling brave, there's a juicy video walkthrough just past the break.

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